U.S. Intervention

Title: U.S. Intervention
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U.S. Intervention
The United States Government should intervene in international trade to protect the interests of its citizens and increase the overall wealth of the nation. There are political as well as economical arguments which support this idea. The political arguments for government intervention in international trade are mostly concerned with protecting the interests of certain groups within a nation (normally producers), often at the expense of other groups (normally consumers). The three major political arguments for …showed first 75 words of 1210 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1210 total…and emerge as visible competitors in the world market. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.A. BRANDER , “Rationales for Strategic Trade and Industry Policy” in Strategic Trade Policy and the New International Economics (Cambrige Press 1986). 2.P.R. Krugman, “Is Free Trade Pass? Journal of Economic Perspectives 1(1987), pp134-44. 3.Alan Tonelson, Globalization: the great American Non-Debate. Current History (November 97 vol. 96, no. 613 pg. 1-6) 4.Andrea Morale, Incubator Expected to Spawn High Tech Jobs Farmingdale Observer (Dec 18) 5.www.intelectualcapital.com/issues/97/0313/icpolicy/html

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