A basic drama essay on The Crucible

Title: A basic drama essay on The Crucible
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A basic drama essay on The Crucible
Year 10 Drama The Crucible I have selected Abigail as the character who I would play. Abigail is a seventeen year old who has been caught attempting witch craft with her cousin and her friends. She is being questioned by her Uncle Paris who saw her doing witch craft in the forest. The scene starts off with Susanna bringing news from the doctor, Abigail asks Susanna to "Speak nothin' of it to the village" I think …showed first 75 words of 388 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 388 total…and distance her from the blame. When Paris questions her about people being naked from the forest I would make her answer with terror and fear. As it is not the kind of question she would like to answer. I would perform Abigail's accent as a farmer type voice. I would do this so the audience get the idea of that it was set along time ago when they spoke differently to modern day Americans.

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