A evening with James taylor

Title: A evening with James taylor
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A evening with James taylor
An Evening with James Taylor James Taylor's album In The Pocket, released in spring of 1976, sealed his popularity by continuing the qualities that have made his music admired more than any other modern troubadour. Its subtle, soft tones, like "Daddy's All Gone," contrasted by it's energetic "Money Machine," keep his old fans as well as his new on a wonderful rollercoaster of emotion. One of these songs will touch any mood you might be in. …showed first 75 words of 536 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 536 total…is a fantastic choice. It is also a good album to put on with someone special, show that person you aren't as shallow as people say. Some people will say that James Taylor's music is repetitive, because his music is always classified "soft rock" or always "in the same key." True, James's music never gets head banging hard, or techo dancey but if you love his soft, easy to indentify with music, you won't care.

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