Aaron Kornylo's Struggle in Crossbar

Title: Aaron Kornylo's Struggle in Crossbar
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Aaron Kornylo's Struggle in Crossbar
The Toughest Bar to Cross The protagonist of “Crossbar” has had his life altered violently and is now trying to cope with the effects of this great change. Aaron Kornylo is a champion high jumper until a piece of farm machinery severs his right leg and changes his life forever Now Aaron lives in anger, bitterly denying the inevitable: he must learn to accept his loss. Until a farm accident changed his life forever, the …showed first 75 words of 766 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 766 total…best athletes until that fateful day when a farm harvester destroyed his right leg. Now Aaron spends he time reminiscing past glories and struggling to accept his new reality. Perhaps after Aaron puts some distance between the accident and his present life, he will regain the sense of purpose that made him such a great athlete. Works Cited Gault. “Crossbar” The Writer’s Voice 2 Ed. William Boswell, Betty Lament, and John Martyn. Toronto: Gage 1998. 60-62.

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