African American Religion

Title: African American Religion
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African American Religion
Freedom is something I take for granted. It is something I have come to expect and abuse. Unfortunately the writers I will be exploring were not afforded this luxury. David Walker, Maria Stewart and Frederick Douglas all share the common thread of religion in their works. The thread of religion is explored in various ways by the authors; but they all seem to use soul, brutes, the bible, historical references, and Christianity to define their …showed first 75 words of 1376 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1376 total…accept. It seems to me that the authors all understood the importance of God in their lives, that every man, woman, and child was loved by God for who they are not for their color, and that their soul could not be “owned”. The whites used religion as a way to control and the slaves used religion to help them escape, to be free. It’s ironic that the uneducated knew more than the educated.

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