Austarlia's current trading position

Title: Austarlia's current trading position
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Austarlia's current trading position
Table of Contents 1.0<Tab/>Introduction<Tab/>1 2.0<Tab/>The importance of international trade<Tab/>1 2.1 Imports<Tab/>1 2.1.1 Direction of imports<Tab/>2 2.2 Exports<Tab/>4 2.2.1 Direction of exports<Tab/>5 3.0<Tab/>Balance of payments<Tab/>6 4.0<Tab/>…showed first 75 words of 2174 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 2174 total…amp;rft_dat=xri:pqd:did=000000332550211&svc_dat=xri:pqil:fmt=text&req_dat=xri:pqil:pq_clntid=20906 viewed 30 August 2004. Lloyd, P J 1999, Australia's Trade Opportunities in Asia, The University of Melbourne, viewed 10 September 2004, <>. Vaile, M 2001, Australia's Success as a Global Exporter, Australian Government: Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC), viewed 19 September 2004, <www.>.

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