Brainwashing American Democracy

Title: Brainwashing American Democracy
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Brainwashing American Democracy
Brainwashing American Democracy "United States Policies in Columbia Support Mass Murder." "NAFTA Destroys Farming Communities in U.S. and Abroad." "Horses Face Lives of Unnecessary Abuse for Drug Company Profits." These are a couple of titles from the Project Censored book "Censored 2003: Top 25 Censored Stories of 2001-2002." Some people consider the American population to be the most ignorant and worst informed population in the world. Every year, hundreds of often very important news stories are …showed first 75 words of 877 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 877 total…knowledge that the media industry is moving toward a monopoly, it does not seem likely that there will be a big change concerning the misinformation of the American public in the near future. History shows us that people will not fight for their rights until mistreatment directly harms them. Hopefully, the American population will become aware of the threat today's media poses to democracy, before the only solution to reinstate democracy will be a revolution.

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