Daytona Beach.

Title: Daytona Beach.
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Daytona Beach.
Daytona Beach Summer is finally here! It's time to hit the beach, catch some waves, soak up the sun, and of course check out all the hotties on the beach! Now, you could go to Hawaii, the Bahamas, or Cancun, but let's be realist, that's a little out of the average high school and college students' price range. So, where can you go for some fun in the sun without the high costs? How about …showed first 75 words of 856 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 856 total…music. They have a huge flat screen TV to watch all your favorite music videos on. So when you and your friends get bored over the summer, come on down to Daytona Beach for some fun in the sun. It's cheap and lots of fun. Plus, it is loaded with hot guys. You can catch some cool waves, hot rays, and maybe even snag yourself a hottie to take and brag to all your friends.

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