Embargo Act of 1807

Title: Embargo Act of 1807
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Embargo Act of 1807
Jefferson reasoned that the warring nations in Europe depended on the United States for certain raw materials and foods. Keeping this fact in mind congress passed the Embargo Act in 1807. This act forbade the exports of all goods from the United States. Jefferson thought since the foreign powers needed American goods, upon passing this act the warring nations would agree to respect America's neutral rights. The Embargo act was hated by the citizens of the …showed first 75 words of 506 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 506 total…great effect on the nation. It affected the United States of America economically, as well as led them into a war it was not ready for. The United States had a weak navy and an even weaker army thanks to the Jeffersonian Republicans anti-navalism policy. Jefferson knew that if the policy failed it would crush the young republic, but he could not continue in the submission of France and especially in that of Great Britain.

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