Gods and Monster; By Glen Gemeniano

Title: Gods and Monster; By Glen Gemeniano
Category: /Literature/Mythology
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Gods and Monster; By Glen Gemeniano
Shiny metallic doors open as the foot lands on the sensors. Bright eerily white cleans walls lining the hallway to the patient's rooms resemble those of an insane asylum. Each room is decorated with the same welcoming material found in the cold hotel rooms with the complementary flower at the corner of the table and the television remote control found chained next to the bars of the bed. The smell of disinfectant lingers as if …showed first 75 words of 338 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 338 total…limited. We humans, in our ever enduring pursuit attempt to be one with God thus by do so attempt to become him, which is the master of all things, Controller of all fates, all knowing, All Doing. In our arrogance we designed our Gods in our image not knowing that in the beginning he created us in his. We play the role of God in our own minds while totally inept in the real world.

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