Historical Accuracy of Dances With Wolves

Title: Historical Accuracy of Dances With Wolves
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Historical Accuracy of Dances With Wolves
Stories of the frontier and Indian history have become popular topics of art, literature, music, and motion pictures. Most of these movies involving Indians portray them as a race of ignorant, thieving savages, who initiate the fighting, and deserve to be killed. Dances With Wolves manages to avoid this stereotype by humanizing Native Americans by the way they portrayed the tribe as real people with true emotions. Dances With Wolves is about how a Union …showed first 75 words of 843 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 843 total…realism and authenticity of the film is reinforced by the extensive use of Lakota, the language of the Sioux. We could examine everything even closer if we wanted to, but the point is that no movie can accurately depict a historical event or time period without exaggerations or inaccuracies. Dances With Wolves did an admirable job with the western epic and showing the side from the Indiansí perspective, but itís not without its mistakes.

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