Hollywood 2

Title: Hollywood 2
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Hollywood 2
What are we creating?From the dawn of civilization, humans have bragged about their accomplishments. As the story was told over and over again it got bigger and better with each retelling, carrying it on to new people. Writing took the inconsistency out of the story but made story telling boring again. Then in the Twentieth Century man learned how to tell the story with pictures and Hollywood was born.Now throughout history man has …showed first 75 words of 510 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 510 total…the side that they wish to show and too often that is the side that sells, sex and violence. Forgetting history and the human qualities of love, hope, and compassion which show the side that makes it feel good to be human and alive. They choose the side of human destruction to show most often with they gift of creation, and we wonder why our children are shooting each other in school on live television.

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