Images, sex and desire in the media.

Title: Images, sex and desire in the media.
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Images, sex and desire in the media.
Human body has always been exploited; beauty has always been used to achieve aims. Nowadays, because of the technological advances, this reality seems even more evident. Today we can see beautiful bodies selling almost everything in the newspapers, magazines, television or Internet. As a consequence of this, everyday is more and more difficult to discriminate what is pornographic and what is not. Basically, we classify as pornographic the images in which the body appears exposed …showed first 75 words of 281 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 281 total…out one's defences. The continue exposure to pornographic material can imply a diminution on the capacity to empathize, to care about the other who is defenceless. This desensitisation -reduction of one's capacity to care- can generate violence and a series of mental disorders. Pornography trivializes human body, it makes of the body image an object for commercial purposes; it demeans the human been as a whole, as the image cannot be isolated from the rest.

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