Title: Iraq.
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English 116 Due 21 October, 2002 Iraq Essay We are all concerned about questions that deal with Iraq such as 'is war necessary,' 'is war inevitable,' 'what threat does Saddam Hussein pose?' etc. I will be discussing these questions, and the answers that panelists at an Iraq Forum gave. Before we start discussing these questions, let us answer the question 'what are we fighting for if when we are discussing if we should have war …showed first 75 words of 894 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 894 total…terrorists, but "Al Qaeda would rather bomb Baghdad than Washington D.C.," says Brian Endless. The event of 9/11 did not have anything to do with Iraq either. It just brought attention to Afghanistan, bringing further attention to the Middle East, especially Iraq. Works Cited Iraq Forum. "War with Iraq" November 2002, Naperville Police Station. League of Women Voters. Picture, "Mural Painting of Hussein," "Iraqi students' drawings." 1994, 1991. Author Unknown. kirja/plsota/

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