Judith Thomason view on the issue of Abortion

Title: Judith Thomason view on the issue of Abortion
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Judith Thomason view on the issue of Abortion
Judith Thomason is a pro-abortionist. . She allows for the sake of argument that fetus a full-fledged from the movement of conception. She agrees to identify fetus as a person, but she tries to disapprove of this concept She thinks that a new-born infant is a person, has a full right to life, among other things. But a new-born infant is very different from a fetus at the beginning of the ninth month......... "Every person has …showed first 75 words of 559 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 559 total…is flawed from the start, and that by not performing an abortion in a case where the woman's life is at stake, you would be in effect killing her. Whether it is right in the end, it's not obvious from the outset. People who make the killing /letting die distinction take very seriously the premise that Thomason claims to be granting: the fetus is a person with the same moral standing as you or I.

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