Title: Management.
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Management is a highly self-conscious group with its own mores, aims and professional standards. Its interest in an enterprise tends to be more long-range than that of ownership, for the simple reason that stocks are apt to be more liquid than good jobs. Being one of the less tangible assets of a company, good human relations has a greater appeal to the more permanent interest of management than to the often shorter-term interest of the …showed first 75 words of 499 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 499 total…satisfaction of human wants. Despite the tremendous growth in the size of the enterprises it manages, it has succeeded, with the help of the antitrust laws, in avoiding dry rot. In today's corporate environment, however, management feels that its leadership is being questioned. It knows from past experience that it must remain strong and independent as a group, just as do the unions, to survive, remain dynamic and continue to contribute to the nation's welfare.

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