Method Acting

Title: Method Acting
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Method Acting
        There are many diverse methods and approaches to acting , each actor uses the things he has learned and creates his own unique way of playing and interpreting a role. Using the things he has learned, he can find his own weaknesses and strong points and therefore creating this method that belongs to him only. But before the actor can learn his own method, he must study many other methods to the approach of acting. There …showed first 75 words of 999 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 999 total…have begun the era of modern drama. They're plays were perceived as 'superb demonstrations of character revelation and insight.' There plays were the beginning of a new world. Many things were going on at that time, and the characteristics in their play's seemed to have the same feel as the feelings of the people who were living through that time. By observing nature, they could find truth in each character, bringing it to life.

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