North Korea Nuclear Issue.

Title: North Korea Nuclear Issue.
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North Korea Nuclear Issue.
Last April, North Korea declares to the world that they have two nuclear weapons. Even though many countries predicted that North Korea has nuclear weapons, it brought the fear to many countries near North Korea and United States. Many countries agree on that North Korea should not have nuclear weapons, but each country have different opinions for the solution. North Korea wants U.S. to sign the peace treaty that U.S. will not attack …showed first 75 words of 809 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 809 total…is too busy to get fat himself only. I want powerful country like U.S. and China to help these poor people in North Korea and bring them freedom that U.S. insists they did to Iraqi people. If U.S. can do this peacefully then they are really doing their job as most powerful country in the world and also they will be free from a lot of dangers they are facing right now.

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