Political Philosophers

Title: Political Philosophers
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Political Philosophers
Edmund Burke had traditional conservative views. He said that because of the profound tendency toward irrational behaviour on the part of humans, guidance and direction from traditional authorities is needed in order for society to enjoy peace and stability. He argued that traditional authorities should pass on long-standing moral teachings through the family, religious institutions, and governmental laws; and insisted that compliance with traditional morality is more important than individual liberty. In other words, people …showed first 75 words of 552 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 552 total…Do not seek out trouble by starting conflicts and wars. If you do seek to harm others, this will put you at risk of being harmed and will thus violate the first law of nature. * Help others if possible. Help others if you can help them without putting yourself at risk. And through his laws of nature comes to an important conclusion: People are capable of running their own lives because they have common sense.

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