"Rolling Stone" Magazine Forum Analysis

Title: "Rolling Stone" Magazine Forum Analysis
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"Rolling Stone" Magazine Forum Analysis
this was really simple, and easy to understand she really liked it, and said it was well developed Ryan Duffy Ms. Sorokina English 101.22 February 13, 1997 Rolling Stone Forum Analysis         One of the most popular periodicals being read today is "Rolling Stone." The monthly-published periodical deals with mainly pop culture in terms of music and movies, which means that it discusses the more popular and well-known entertainment. In terms of politics, seldom are there articles about that …showed first 75 words of 645 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 645 total…different elements. Some articles are very snide and crude, pointing out the bad parts of the entertainer, where as others are very light and hip. All of the articles, however, are extremely personal and serious. Rolling Stone exhibits their works in a very professional yet easy to comprehend matter. The writers of the magazine know exactly what the reader wants, which is the most personal and in-depth information on their favorite entertainers in their culture.                                    

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