Run and jump Defensive Principles

Title: Run and jump Defensive Principles
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Run and jump Defensive Principles
TEACHING THE RUN AND JUMP PRESS Many coaches have a great fear of teaching the run and jump press. I have found that this defense can be taught very effectively beginning as early as the junior high level. Athletes love this press because it gives them a reason to hustle and gamble on defense with not alot of rules. The main key is to emphasize to the players that all pressuring and gambling is done …showed first 75 words of 977 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 977 total…When you work full court scrimmage and transitions drills the players will naturally run the "run and jump press". You will need to expose the defense to situations where they must learn how to locate their "player" quickly, thus you will have to run transition drills (scrimmage). In summary - teach the press with the above drills and turn your quickest players loose with aggressive play as long as it is done in the BACKCOURT.

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