Skateboarding History, Evolution and Stereotypes

Title: Skateboarding History, Evolution and Stereotypes
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Skateboarding History, Evolution and Stereotypes
It is 9:30 PM, the skies are dark but the gigantic stadium lights illuminate the sleek and ever so smooth ramps in the Skate Park. The crowd is in silence as a single skater is the center of attention, as he drops into the 9-foot quarter pipe. As he rolls down the ramp the distinct rumble of a skateboard can be heard, as he approaches the pyramid the crowd gasps in hopes for a great trick …showed first 75 words of 903 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 903 total…good guys and you will have the bad guys.(campus headline news). Skateboarding has had its ups and downs but it is safe to say that it is here now and possibly at its biggest peak ever, but this will most likely lead to the greatest depression of skateboarding in history as well. But those who are true and those who are new into the sport and love it will never let it die out.

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