Title: Socialism
Category: /Social Sciences/Political Science
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I agree with "Common Good" the most because I have strong socialistic tendencies. I believe that health care, welfare, and education should be public to all, regardless of income, age, gender or race. The "Common Good" gives citizens of a country the right to have equal advantages to drink clean water, and breathe fresh air, etc. The "Common Good" also eliminates the selfishness of individuals that look out for themselves only, rather than concentrating on …showed first 75 words of 481 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 481 total…servant to the people, the government does what the majority of the people wish. Compared to a constitutional monarchy, which has a weakness of giving too much power to its executive assembly, a democratic monarchy limits the power that the executive assembly can use. Although absolute dictatorships are probably more efficient, they come at great costs, because they hide their shortcomings. Unlike dictatorship, democratic republics last long, and can bounce back from bad times.

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