Statutory Rape.

Title: Statutory Rape.
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Statutory Rape.
According to the "criminology textbook", the term "statutory rape" refers to sexual relations between an underage minor female and an adult male. Although the sex is not forced or coerced, the law says that young girls are incapable of giving informed consent, the act legally considered nonconsensual, but who defines this? Typically, the state will define the age of consent above which there can be no criminal prosecution. The example to use for this paper …showed first 75 words of 854 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 854 total…the reason why laws are written, to help us think before we act and to make us better citizens for the benefit of society. Works cited criminology eighth edition by Larry J. Siegel Indiana code on statutory rape law revised 1981 Encarta: History of statutory rape. California Prosecutors journal on statutory rape, 1992. California revised code 2001 statutory rape and child support. Mary Kay Letourneau CNN Report on the internet. March 2005 F.B.I. Uniform crime reports. 2001-2002 .

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