The Biochemitry of Human Energy systems

Title: The Biochemitry of Human Energy systems
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The Biochemitry of Human Energy systems
a.With the aid of diagrams provide a summary of how the following energy systems work. Energy systems; introduction Energy systems are cellular levels processes used to produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) figure 1. This is an adenosine molecule linked to three high-energy phosphates that acts as an energy store for the cell. The energy is released when ATPase, an enzyme, reacts with ATP to produce ADP and Pi, e.g. ATP ADP + Pi There are three …showed first 75 words of 3201 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 3201 total…In addition as specific athletic fitness alters the call on fat versus carbohydrate oxidation and glycogen depletion is stalled, 2Foster & Costill (1978). In addition regular training increases the total number of mitochondria in the muscles, thus making the 'battery' they provide larger, this not only improves endurance, 12Holloszy (1975) but delays the need to switch to fat, 13Holloszy (1967) and 14Dudley (1975), making muscle more efficient at a given intensity. Adapted by A. J. Whalley from various sources.

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