The History of Globalization

Title: The History of Globalization
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The History of Globalization
The History of the Globalisation When we look at the history of Globalisation firstly we must talk about the major factors which leads our world to globalisation.These factors are; 1)Scince and Philosophy : These two events made the World especialy the Europe a much more positivist place rather then the scholastic way of thinking of the Middle Ages .This situation replaced the power of religions , churchs and the supersiticions with positivist sciences and realistic ideas. 2)…showed first 75 words of 460 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 460 total…the world is U.S.A. In the control of the world ,capitalism effected the birth of some worldwide organisations too. Some of these organisations are U.N.,I.M.F.,W.T.O.,and the W.B.(This kind of organisations controls world on economical,sociological, polititical and military areas) All these events are the history of globalisation and they are the factors which makes our world more and more globalised every passing day.

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