The war with Iraq, self-defense or assault.

Title: The war with Iraq, self-defense or assault.
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The war with Iraq, self-defense or assault.
You've heard it before: people claiming that Saddam Hussein is an intolerable threat to the security of our country and that he must be eliminated. The question now is whether or not this statement is accurate. Is Saddam Hussein really a serious threat to our nation? Is it really fair for us to attack another nation simply because we've made an assumption of what might come next? Some will claim that the very idea of …showed first 75 words of 989 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 989 total…biological or chemical weapon and finds a way of transporting it to the Unites States, he's not foolish enough to actually use it. He knows that this would bring about an atomic retaliation leaving him without a nation to rule. Clearly, Iraq is not enough of a threat to the U.S. for us to be invading their country. In doing so, we would most definitely be committing an act of assualt rather than self-defense.

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