Thin Clients vs Thick clients.

Title: Thin Clients vs Thick clients.
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Thin Clients vs Thick clients.
Report on Client Preference There are two main types of workstation or "clients" in use on a Network in Business today. These are Thick Clients and Thin Clients. The main difference between thick and thin clients are that thin clients only house the bare essential components to function on board. This will be looked at in more depth at a later stage. Thick clients however are very robust systems such as a standalone PC that …showed first 75 words of 498 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 498 total… server requirements themselves would be substantially less i.e. less processing and storage required. Another plus is that you can use removable media, however higher security measures would have to be implemented. From a personal point of view, a Thin Client Network would not be as good as it would eventually lead to technical support jobs being almost obsolete, and it for this reason, mainly, that I would recommend a thick client Network.

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