Transportation in the european union.

Title: Transportation in the european union.
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Transportation in the european union.
The transport industry occupies an important position in the Community, accounting for 7 % of its GNP, 7 % of total employment, 40 % of Member States' investment and 30 % of Community energy consumption. Demand, particularly in intra-Community traffic, has grown more or less constantly for the last 20 years, by 2.3 % a year for goods and 3.1 % for passengers. The advent of the single market marked a turning point in the common transport policy, since the abolition of frontiers and other liberalization measures. Of …showed first 75 words of 1823 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1823 total…countries, and this is likely to create substantial distortion. Initiatives in this area include the conclusion of the Council's work on mandates for establishing road and air transport links with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the follow-up to the mandate for air transport negotiations with the USA and action on shipping. The Commission from its position tries by taking actions to give the European Union a more prominent role within international transport organizations.

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