What is success, and how can you succeed.

Title: What is success, and how can you succeed.
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What is success, and how can you succeed.
Jessica Borst Speech-5th hour Motivational Speech Success Success is the key element in life. Without success and small achievements, you would go in circles the rest of your time here on earth. You ask yourself, how can I succeed? With hard work, dedication, and a little luck. Those are three aspects I will be addressing in my speech. Success is not handed to you on a golden platter. A lot of hard work must …showed first 75 words of 562 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 562 total…needs to be a dedicated, hard worker, because without that, you won't be successful, and everyone needs to succeed. Without success in your life, you will not get anywhere, even if you do have a little bit of luck. Success helps you get a good job, and great family, and a wonderful life. Throughout life, success is what gets you places, so do not make excuses. Be a dedicated, hard worker, so you can succeed.

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