What is the world today?

Title: What is the world today?
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What is the world today?
These days parts of the world is really messed up. Let's take Auckland New Zealand. Now I live their and it is a very bad place. What is happening there? Well I have always thought new Zealdand was a amazing place but when i moved their from California I was in for a surprise. I went to school and you will not believe what happened. I go into a school and everyone is walking around …showed first 75 words of 371 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 371 total…to kill myself, I am tired of moldy breasts being shoved in my face and guess what I do, I fuck the whole place and go back to California. Now this was a true story and I think society needs to pay more attention to other parts of the world, I mean for gods sake Afghanistan is more civilized then New Zealand. And I honestly thought it was a cool country. How wrong of me.

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