Why Prisons became the preferred method of punishment.

Title: Why Prisons became the preferred method of punishment.
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Why Prisons became the preferred method of punishment.
The flogging, branding, torturous style of punishment seen before the eighteenth century is a long way from the delivery of punishment that began to emerge during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Methods of punishment underwent significant changes and penalties moved away from infliction of pain on the body of the person and imprisonment became the preferred way to punish. This essay aims to identify the individual perspectives created in the minds of sociologists and compare …showed first 75 words of 2168 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 2168 total…Penal Theory. Open University Press: Buckingham. Ignatieff, M (1983). "State, Civil Society and Total Institutions: A Critique of Recent Social Histories of Punishment' in Social Control and the State: Historical and Comparative Essays, S Cohen & A Scull (eds.) Basil Blackwell: Oxford, pp 75-105 Rusche, G & Kirchheimer, O (orig. 1939, reprinted 1968) Punishment and Social Structure. Russell and Russell: New York. Ex. pp 3-7, 41-52 & 110-113 PUNISHMENT, JUSTICE & REFORM CCJ36 ESSAY

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