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… what the sexual term "blumpkin" meant (thesmokinggun.com). In Richmond, Virginia, high school girls called into the "Elliot in the Morning" show to talk about their sex lives (Maynard). On May 28, 1998, radio jock Bubba the Love Sponge aired…
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… to children viewing the Lord of the Rings, and other controversial movies that contain violence. The Ministry describes LOTR as relatively clean, but the sword fighting may be too strong for children. However, his Christian references in the novels…
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… Uproar in censorship of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) started when Bono from U2 said, "f***** brilliant" at the Golden Globes and when Janet Jackson's breast appeared in the Super Bowl. Suddenly FCC chairman Michael Powell is suddenly…
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… life without the presence of the mass media. The mass media in the past fifty years has gone from a national scale, to a global machine, echoing news from around the world at all times. No sooner than you hear about a hostage situation in Russia do…
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… story lines, there are also many differences. For starters they both take place, primarily in outer space using advanced technologies to travel around their respective galaxies. There are starships, which can travel faster than light, and many worlds…
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… the beginning of printing in the Western world, around 1450, publishing rapidly expanded from monasteries to stationers who produced and sold hand-copied books in limited quantities. Since Europe's stationers and printers had increasing commercial incent…
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… Enquirer read, "Freedom is not possible without slavery." This quote still has some truth to it today. American youths have become essentially slaves of the media giants under the guise of new freedoms and choices. Only five companies control the…
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… next few years will unfold from September 11th. The safety and security that we all felt before will never be the same. While Americans continue to recover our enemies continue to plan a way to bring us to our knees once again. Many of us will never…
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… from the tabloid press during the 1970s. It was a term they used for very violent horror films that were released onto video; videos that were noticed to have been in possession of a few notorious murderers, and it was in this reaction that the BBFC…
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… I will explore the difference between broadsheet newspapers and tabloid newspapers. I will base my comments on the basis of "THE INDEPENDENT" and "THE SUN". "THE INDEPENDENT" is a broadsheet newspaper and "THE SUN" is a tabloid newspaper. These two…
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