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… sports competitions are the vehicle for the fierce quest to win, to be “the best.” Athletes will do anything to win whether that be cheating in golf or taking steroids in order to excel in baseball. It is said that over 3 million athletes and…
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… of the San Francisco 49ers, then most likely, you hate the Dallas Cowboys. It is obvious that those teams dislike each other and so do their fans. I remember Deon Sanders being San Francisco's big hero but as soon as Deon went to Dallas, I started…
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… so many children she didn’t know what to do…” Sympathy for this, fictional, women is easily given. The reason is because I sometimes feel the same way as she did when I am coaching the rambunctious fifth grade basketball players of Rockwell Elementary…
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… of team work and dedication. In order to succeed in both of these sports, you have to be willing to exercise, and strengthen your body. These sports involve some type of physical contact. Sometimes, you will get hurt, but that is part of the sport.…
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… the hardest and most enduring sport that takes place in high school. Only the toughest Jocks try out, and the weak are quickly discarded. Young women showing school spirit come to watch as the arms of young men in spandex are mingled about. During…
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… is the report that was assigned to see if the Illinois PGA golf section is a potential employer. There were few positives that I found on working for the Illinois PGA Section. First of all, the main thing would be that you would love your…
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… however, the human body cannot always handle the demands of sport. The general consensus among athletes is that you must work very hard in order to improve performance. For the most part, that assumption is true. Hard training places much stress on…
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… opinions on this subject. Some feel that a fully paid scholarship is enough for these talented individuals. But for the athletes it’s not enough. Allen Sack, a former football player said: “ No matter their economic circumstances, college scholarship…
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… instruments, created the first pair of roller skates. In May 1770, Merlin went to London as director of Cox’s Museum in Spring Gardens and exhibited several of his pet Projects: an organ, a pianoforte, and a harpsichord. Merlin also had examples…
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… have been many great golfers but none as dominant as Tiger Woods. Because of his tournament wins, hard work, dedication and the revolutionizing of his sport, it is clear that Tiger Woods has become the greatest golfer of all time. At the age of twent…
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