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Letter "K" » Kamanda Ndama Quotes
«Black is not defined by the media: Tall T's, Saggy Pants, Icy Teeth or Style of Dance. Black is not defined by the media, it's defined by it's background,whether your past is in Steel Mills, or Cotton Fields; whether you bled or cried during struggles; whether you acknowledge it or not,Black is inside. Defined by your racial background,the blood that flows deep in your veins. Black is not defined by the media, so before you ask me if I'm Black, take a look at what Black was before.Before Rap, before Hip-Hop, before Blues became Rock 'n Roll, before slave masters commanded slave ships, Before Jesus came, even before the Hebrew's hardship, Black was Black.And they didn't need the media to tell them that.»
«People ask me why I'm so rebellious. Well, I don't think I'm being a rebel. People perceive that being rebellious is a bad thing, but if fighting for what I believe in is being rebellious, I am a rebel. But I think you are the rebels; you're the ones rebelling against the peace, love, and unity I am trying to promote. I think you are rebelling against mankind. You racist, You anti-life war-makers. I believe you are rebelling against the human race.»
«Music is philosophy. Every chord, every word tells a story. If you listen you will know its meaning.»
«What has happened to music? Music used to show love and devotion, but know it preaches hate and stupidity. We artists must learn everything we say is going to affect the world. Every line, so don't preach death, preach love.»
«My issue is race. I feel black people nowadays have to conform to this one ideal. We all have to be the same. We all have to be hard and ghetto and listen to only one genre of music which would be Rap and R&B. And if one of us steps out of the mold we're not black anymore. Well, that's dumb. When did music determine your racial background? Or a musical instrument? I can't believe the dumb things people say when you're doing something different. I mean, it would be ok if music and how you dress and act actually determined your race, but the last time I checked it was your genes that determined your color. And I think anyone who chooses to believe in this fabrication is ignorant. Isn't this what the Civil Rights Movement was about, equality? Didn't Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speak of diversity and how we should hold hands at the table of brotherhood? Well how are you supposed to do this when we try to conform to this idea. Not conforming doesn't make you have less pride in your race but it's helping make a window of opportunities for your race. Well, as for me, I'm stepping out of the box and going forward to be who I am, and if people disagree, f**k them. I believe this will bring me closer to the goal that god ordained for me. And doing this doesn't mean I'm selling out my race, but it means I'm not selling out who I am.»
«I'm an Anti-Nationalist (Nationalism - The belief that nations will benefit from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals), Anti-War, Anti-Corruption, Pro-Music, Pro-Voice, Pro-Patriotism (Patriotism - Love and devotion to one's country), and Pro-Peace.»
«What's wrong with society? What is wrong is people give up searching for the trust and sit back and blend in with the crowd. But that's not who I want to be. Blending in is not my thing.»

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